Hillary 2012? Then Obama Must Lose

The media hive’s abuzz with the “Unity” theme of the Dems this week. Did Hillary reach out enough? Will her hordes go hard for Obama? Did she really, really  seem completely sincere as she urged a pro-O surge in November?

Keeping in mind that it was a political speech, I thought it “seemed” sincere enough. But if you think about it a moment, there’s no way Hillary or her most fervent pant-suiters could want Obama to win. I heard a few people say that O could serve two terms and Hill could come back in 2016, but don’t count on it. A zillion things will happen between now and that distant year, when Hillary will be 68 and many of her Older White Women will have shuffled off this mortal coil.

No, she’s got to be thinking: I’ll do enough to look convincing for O while hoping McCain makes it. No way, no how McCain will try for a second term at 76 or so. I’ll spend the next four years as the Great Hope in Exile, leaving the told-you-so’s to my surrogates, and go for  the marbles in 2012.

The same scenario has got to be apparent to millions of Hillary voters, too. To make it happen, they don’t have to vote for McCain. They can just sit it out and wait for the Restoration.


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