At Last: The Key to Bliss and Wealth


You have spent years, perhaps decades, in a futile search for that magic trifecta of happiness, wealth, and meaningful work, right?  Just couldn’t put them all together. The times you had millions of dollars, you just  hated going to the office. The times you netted the butterfly of happiness, you were so broke you were eating three-day old Beanie Weenies at the home of a girlfriend who really wanted you out by the time she got back from work.  Damn.  But that’s because you didn’t do your diagram!

Let me explain. I’ve noted before that like many book reviewers,  I get a flood of books each month, most of them completely useless.  One of this week’s books, The Millionaire in the Mirror,  helps answer the question “Will they publish every single book that has “millionaire” in the title?” Answer: Yep.

MITM, with its catchy glossy cover in which you can just almost see your future-millionaire self reflected, even has a Venn Diagram Test by which you can discover “how to find your passion and make a fortune doing it.” Ready? Here’s how:

Draw one circle. That circle represents What You Like to Do.

Draw a second circle looping through the first circle. This represents What You’re Really Good At.

Draw a third circle looping through the first and second circles. This circle represents Wealthy Relatives Who Will Support You.  No! No! Just kidding. The third circle actually represents Things That Allow You to Achieve Your Goal.

Now. See that space where the three circles all come together? What, you ask, is that space?

Why, it’s your OSZ–Outstanding Success Zone! That’s where you get mucho money, the eternal glow of happiness, and valuable, esteem-building work. Just do the diagrams,  and you’ll soon be the Millionaire in the Mirror. I guess.


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