Yankee Stadium Pilgrimage

I’ll be off the bloggin’ beat a few days while I journey to New York City to say farewell to Yankee Stadium. I’ve been watching and hearing games from the Cathedral in the Bronx all my life, so I just couldn’t let the former home of Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Berra, Ford,  Mantle, Buuuuuuuccckkkky Dent, Reggie Jackson, Ron Guidry (bet you don’t recall his nickname*) and the rest slip into history without paying my respects. Full reports and photos of Monument Valley to come.

Speaking of the still-great American game, former major league ballplayer Doug Glanville has been writing a column for the NY Times this season, offering his insights into the game and his memories of a pretty successful pro career. In his best column yet, Glanville  unearths some never-answered fan mail from his glory days and tries to make amends.

 The column  displays all the healthy, generous emotions that are almost absent from the political jungle these days. Enjoy the piece here and I’ll be back next week.


*The Louisana Lightning, of course


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