New Obama Slogan: Maybe He’ll Flip-Flop Again!

Obama-Bashing Disclaimer: I voted for Obama in the March Texas primary for reasons discussed here. I might vote for him in the fall. I find his candidacy fascinating not just because of his abilities, some of which are discussed here,  but also because of his symbolic importance in our country’s ongoing struggle to right “the never-ending wrong” of slavery. But I’m not drinking the Obama Koolaid, and I reserve the right to criticize while making up my mind.

 Obama’s alleged flip-flops on numerous issues have drawn fire from all quarters.   His hard-left fans are particularly incensed that he’s apparently changed positions on the FISA/telecoms question, which non-polwonks with actual lives can read about here. Looks like his original position was that the telecoms should be subject to private lawsuits for their post-9/11 cooperation with the government. Then, tacking to the middle after winning the Dem nom, he’s saying that they should have immunity from the suits. (Does he deserve damnation for changing positions? Consult My Two-Part Flip-Flop Test .)

Of course, these flip-flops are causing conniption fits in those who want to believe he’s the Messiah of New Politics we thought he was a few months ago, and the contortions they’re going through in order to stick with him produced a black-humor moment this morning on NPR’s Diane Rehm show when an ACLU lawyer expressed her dislike of his FISA flips, but then added: “You know, if he wins the election, this is one I think he’ll be coming back to reconsider.”

In other words, she grants that he’s abandoned his original position on telecom immunity, but believes that if he wins the White House, he’ll flip-flop again and go back to the original stance!

There’s an inspiring bumper sticker or T-shirt: “DON’T WORRY! HE’LL FLIP AGAIN!”

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