Are You Feeling Atrabilious About “White Pollution” ?

I recently reported feeling like The Lone Eco-Guy when I take my reusable cloth bags into the grocery store, an effort to avoid hauling home dozens of plastic bags which must then be thrown “away,” wherever that is. So I feel a bit relieved to learn that the Plague of Bags problem has a name: “White Pollution.”

 I learned the term thanks to a cool service called WordSpy, which sends me a couple of cutting-edge new words each week.  If you’d like to get their e-mails,  sign up here.   Quick, painless, no spam, no sales pitches.

 While we’re on the subject of vocabulary, I continue to enjoy A-Word-A-Day, which deals with older and more obscure vocabulary-stuffers. Today’s Word-A-Day reminded me that I’ve been feeling a bit “atrabilious” lately. Maybe you have too. Sign up here if you like.


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