On The Radio: My Best Summer Job

My daughter just finished her first summer job.

 Did she wait tables? Nope. Mop floors? Nope. Sack groceries at Piggly-Wiggly? Forget it. No, she spent four weeks singing and dancing in two or three shows a day –in other words, stuff she loves to do–in a play enjoyed by hundreds of kids from local day-care centers and church groups. And she collected a nice paycheck in exchange for having all that fun. Not bad for a 13-year old’s first glimpse of the working world. But it’s all downhill from here, snarled her jealous father, remembering all the groceries he sacked.

Seriously, I did have some grease-stained summer jobs as a kid, including one at a movie theater where we were ordered to save all the unsold popcorn, reheat it, and sell it along  with the fresh stuff the next day. (Let the buyer beware.)  And there was the time I got canned because of a bizarre allergic reaction (not my own) to Jade East cologne.  Long story.   But I also had a couple of great summer jobs. Here  is a KERA/NPR commentary about the best one.



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