Gary Hart Gets it Right Again

Gary Hart, whose absurd womanizing in the 1988 election cycle sent him into the wilderness for years, has emerged in the past decade as a voice of wisdom, as I noted here a few months ago. Today Hart pens a NY Times Op-Edifier dishing advice to Barack Obama. A quote:

Senator Obama has two choices. He can focus on winning the election to the exclusion of all else and, like Robert Redford in “The Candidate,” ask, “What do we do now?” after it is over. Or he can use his campaign as a platform for designing a new political cycle and achieve a mandate for starting it.

Of late, alas, it’s looked like Obama has decided to take the just-win-baby Redford Option, bemoaned here a few days ago. For more advice on what he should be doing, check Hart’s full piece here.


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