If Facts Matter. . . Ross Perot is Back

Somebody call Larry King: Ross Perot is back. The irascible Texan, a billionaire back when they were a rare breed, has unleashed a new website full of graphic proof that, once again, we’re spending ourselves into oblivion. For all his many, many flaws, the 1992 presidential candidate was dead right about this issue then, as he is now. 

This time around, Mccain will paint Obama as a Big Spender, which he is, as witness his shameful vote on the porkalicious Farm Bill, but here’s the problem, Larry: Almost everyone in Washington revels daily in a bipartisan spending orgy. The “Big Spenders” want to spend a few percentage points more than the So-Called Fiscal Conservatives. We need big cuts, big savings beyond what the two parties offer.  Get hit with the two-by-four of truth here.  For more on my year as a Perot biographer, look here.


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