McCain, Idea Man

Well, McCain showed once again last night that when it comes to big-stage, big-moment speechifying, he sure ain’t  Clinton or Obama, both of whom were in fine form as the Loooooooooooong Primary Season sputtered to an end. But, while he mangles words and awkwardly flashes the leering smile of a drunken nightclub comic, the Mighty Mac has so far tossed out two eminently sensible ideas.

The first is for the president to appear before Congress regularly for an American version of the British Prime Minister’s Question Hour, which enhances accountability, requires the participants to really know their stuff, and is great political theatre as well. If you’ve never seen the Brits go at it in Question Hour, have a look  here . You don’t get away with a “where’s the beef?” or a “Why do I always get the first question?” in this arena.

I also really like his invitation to Obama for a series of Town Hall discussions of issues rather than the pointless and insulting gotchafests we now endure under the “debate” misnomer. I can see why both men would look forward to this kind of venue. Get those schedules out and book it, guys.


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