Bombshell Alert! Bush “Not Inquisitive,” Author Says

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Former  Bush press chief and newbie author Scott McClellan has dropped  a book full of  bombshells on a hitherto clueless public. If you’re standing up while reading this, perhaps holding your laptop on the subway,  you may want to sit down.

Didja know, for example, that:

* the administration  “ignored evidence that contradicted its position on Iraq.” !!!

*Vice President Dick Cheney “was given a lot of deference by the president,” and “in a number of ways, he has not served the president well.” !!!!!

“Things went terribly off course” in Iraq. !!!!!!!

 *President Bush often showed a “lack of inquisitiveness” in discussing Iraq and other matters. !!!!!!!

 *The decision to invade Iraq was a strategic blunder.”  !!!!!!!!!!!!

Geez. It really makes me envy these insider types, you know. They just . . .  know stuff, y’know. Nobody’s had the guts and insight to breathe a critical word about Iraq, the press simply adores Cheney, and I’d even heard somewhere that the inquisitive Mr. Bush would be heading up the Middle Eastern Studies Department at Swarthmore after departing the White House. Thank God for that bulldog McClellan setting the record straight!

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