Going to Extremes with Book Titles

Well, if Obama does win the White House and ushers us into an era of unity and a sense that we are in fact one people, maybe we’ll have fewer best-selling books like this one:



 And this one:


The depressing thing is, huge numbers of people who are absolutely livid with rage at the first title probably see nothing wrong with the second, and vice-versa. In my view such titles are  beyond the pale because 1) their whole point is to start fights, garner publicity and goose sales, not to probe or illuminate; 2) such books preach only to the choir–nobody was ever insulted and demonized into changing their mind; and 3) they degrade and divide us in their quest for profits, truth be damned.  I don’t believe liberals are fascists, and I don’t believe that a “lunatic fringe” has any appreciable measure of power in America.  

Imagine if this pugnacious,  publicity-seeking mindset had prevailed in the past. Instead of a title like Huckleberry Finn, we’d have something like “Who You Callin’ ‘Nigger’ Jim, Raft Boy?“.

 Instead of The Scarlet Letter, we’d be reading Whore’s Mark: How Bible-Thumping Bigots and Hypocritical Lechers Set up a Fascist Dictatorship in Old New England


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