Obama “Gaffe Window Extension” Backfires on Hillary

“I like her as pols go, but it’s hard to fathom a more brainless and insensitive piece of babble outside the rantings of the pulpit. Since she’s very bright, this has the whiff of nervous exhaustion and desperation. Get out, for chrissake.”


That’s from fellow blogger and karaoke belter TheFabSage, who sees “the end of Hillary” in her tone-deaf comment about Bobby Kennedy’s assassination, with its ghoulish implication that, well, gee, something bad just might happen to Obama, so she better hang around.                 

 The give-him-enough-rope strategy was not irrational considering the gaffe-gifts that have fallen into her lap–Rev. Wright’s Spewings, Michelle Be Not Proud, the remarks about those bitter, Bible-clinging shlubs in flyover country. She must think that any day now, YouTube will reveal yet another Wrightism or some offhand comment Obama made to the Chicago GayLesbianTransgenderBondageand DisciplineSociety back in ’99.
But this remark may seal her fate. Now prepare for numerous “Been to the mountaintop, but no Promised Land for Hillary” post-mortems.












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