1001 Books To Read Before I Die??? Yikes!

I’ve long had a book called 501 Must-Read Books, and that’s intimidating enough, but now comes a book containing a Monstah List of  ONE THOUSAND AND ONE BOOKS we must read before shuffling off this mortal coil.  Luckily, the reviewer of this book-about-a-lotta-books assures us that many of the books are not that vital: 

 Not only is it not necessary to read “Interview With the Vampire” by Anne Rice before you die, it is also probably not necessary to read it even if, like Lestat, you are never going to die.  

Check the overwhelming list here, see how many you’ve read, (or heard of), and note the many suggestions and critiques from readers. If this won’t fill up your summer reading list, nothing will.



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