May Madness, System Revamp Lead To Blogging Slowdown

It’s May. It’s May. The lovely, lusty month of May, also known as May Madness for any parent of an American schoolkid. May is when all the recitals, finals, Big Science Projects, soccer playoffs and other culminating extravaganzas all hit at once. Our daughter the singing actress [caution: bragging ahead] is getting even less sleep than usual and even spending less time on IM’ing her friends because she’s full steam into the final week before the big school Pop Show, where she’s singing Taylor Swift’s “Our Song” and a rockin’ duet on Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” All that on top of piano recital, rehearsal for “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” and more.

What this has to do with this blog: Shepherding/ferrying/worrying about all the above activities–in addition to making a shekel or two now and then– has left Your Relatively Humble Blogger (and his faithful spouse)  time-starved and under water. I’ve got seven good blog topics in my in-basket, but no time right now to develop them. Looks like light blogging for the next few busy days.

In addition, I’m trying to break out some time to implement more of David Allen’s Getting Things Done productivity system. My partial adaptation of a few techniques two years ago–especially the ingenious 43 Folders–helped, but I need to fashion a tougher, cleaner system to handle all the demands I’m putting on it now.  Expect some blogging behavior on GTD in the next few days. I’ve blogged about Allen before, but no time to add links now! Over and out.


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