New Strategy for Making Changes: Start Itty-Bitty

Regular readers know I’m not exactly all about change, but I’m at least partly about change, change that we can believe in, lasting change, change the American people deserve,  change–and this is key–that takes us forward, not backwards. Don’t wanna go backwards.

So, this week’s How To Change What You Want to Change strategy boils down to this: Change something. Anything. Anything you change, any departure from the familiar  path, the seductive rut, the comfort zone will help you change the next thing, and the next and on and on. But you must first Change Something.

Of course this idea is part of my copyrighted Change Muscles Theory. It’s also the advice from architect Sarah Susanka,  author of The Not So Big Life, who says:

For instance, if you always wear black clothing, banish it from your wardrobe for just a few weeks.

“I had a friend who suggested that I not wear skirts for nine months, and I didn’t own a pair of pants when she gave me that assignment. It’s hard to describe how something so seemingly small shifted my reality,” she says.

“And as you change one thing, everything else shifts with it. Things are not nearly as fixed as we think they are, and the key, really, is just to prove that to yourself.”

 So try it if you’re really stuck. Take a different route to work. Go for a walk after work rather than before. Don’t watch the news, or do watch it. Reject that seventh fourth third glass of wine. And read the whole interview   here  if you like.


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