Self-Aggrandizing Clinton Quote of the Week

Martin Niemoeller's poem inscribed on a stone in New England Holocaust Memorial

Martin Niemoeller’s poem at the Holocaust Museum of New England


Speaking at a rally in Indiana last week, Hillary Clinton offered this self-serving version of a famous poem:

 “They came for the steel companies and nobody said anything. They came for the auto companies and nobody said anything. They came for the office companies, people who did white-collar service jobs, and no one said anything. And they came for the professional jobs that could be outsourced, and nobody said anything.”

Now there’s an equation for you.  In Niemoeller’s justly famous poem, “They” were the Nazis, of course. The proper response to the Nazis was war.

But what is the proper response to well-educated folks in Bangalore and Singapore who will prepare your taxes or interpret your X-rays more cheaply  than an American will do it?

  Clinton’s “They” are. . uh. . . well, Toyota and Honda, I guess. And the proper response to their aggression would be. . .uh. . .

Her statement, more proof that there is nothing she will not say to win,  is an offense to history, to the memories of the victims, and to good sense. Not that logic means much, but Clinton’s weird parallel would make more sense if addressed to American auto companies and her suddenly beloved lunchbucket union workers.

She might say, between gas-tax panders, ” When “They” began offering the world better, cheaper cars in the 1980s,  why didn’t you guys do something about it rather than sit on your hands for 20 years?  But since you didn’t, we’ll. . .  uh. . we’ll . . . uh. . . ”




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