Prescient Progosticator Nails It Again

Well, gee, the same li’l  blogger who exactly predicted the vote in the Texas Primary–that would be me–has now nailed it again with Pennyslvania, as I modestly observe here: You’ll note the date of the prediction–a month ago.


If Not Obama, Who?

March 20, 2008 ·

Impossible to tell at this point how successful Obama was with the twin purposes of his big race speech on Tuesday, which were  to 1) distance himself from the black racism and outright nuttiness of Rev. Wright (The U. S. invented AIDS to keep blacks down?) and 2) further an honest discussion of race in this country.

As for Goal #1, he was already running behind in Pennsylvania and remains behind (I think he’ll lose by at least 10 points), so we don’t know the impact there. Important to remember that of the millions who hear about the speech, the vast majority will never read or hear it entirely, so much depends on which sound bites get bounced around the most.


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