Earth Day Reading

If you want some food for thought to celebrate Earth Day, check out Bill McKibben’s  “Green Room” archive on Slate. After Wendell Berry (list of his works here)  and my  mentor Joseph Wood Krutch (his works here), I think McKibben’s writings about the environment have had more impact on me than anyone else’s.

 I still recall the whack-upside-the-head of his book The End of Nature back in 1987. I wrote a couple of columns about him for a Dallas magazine and reviewed that book and some later ones for The Dallas Morning News. How startling and frightening (but almost science-fictionish at the time) was his central thesis that man could actually affect global climate–could, in effect, bring an end to the traditional idea of Nature as an immutable force standing forever outside human control. One of my columns was titled “Man Vs. Nature: If We Win, We Lose.”

In the years since, millions have come around to McKibben’s way of thinking. He answers questions from readers here. And here is a link to his nature books on Amazon.


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