Mainstream Media Wakes up on “100 Year War”

It’s rare that your Muse Machine shopkeeper spends much time bragging, because, after all,  the way I rank my personal 7 Deadly Sins, Pride does not top the list. (I’m much more an Envy guy myself).

 But I’ve just got to crow a bit about–well, let me just congratulate the Mainstream Media for finally catching up to what I was saying weeks ago about the smear charge that John McCain lusts for “100 years of war”in Iraq. Using reportorial resources and budgets that dwarf my own, the Washington Post “Fact Checker” column now decides, after McCain’s been bashed 3,000 times, that his words are being distorted by his opponents.

Better late than never, guys. Watch this space for more stories you need to catch up on.


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