Disgruntled Dems Say They’ll Back McCain

In 2004, I remember telling several friends that if the Democrats didn’t win the presidency that year, they might not win again–ever. All the stars had lined up for them. The Iraq War was going to hell. Bush was reviled as a clueless dolt. And yet, somehow, the clueless dolt pulled it off.

And now? A large majority is sick of the war. The shame of “Brownie” and the inept response to Katrina embarrassed millions of Americans. Now, the housing crisis hits and the consumer economy starts to crumble. And the other day I heard myself say to a friend, “You know, if the Democrats don’t win this time they may not win again–ever.”

But you know what? With McCain’s approval ratings up and this survey  here showing that a sizeable chunk of Dems would back him if their candidate doesn’t get the nomination, they really may not win again–ever.


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