Hope Sinks: Is Obama Finished?

That really depends on which of the following  Rev. Wright-Debacle responses is taken by the majority of voters in the remaining Dem primaries, and/or a majority of the superdelegates.

The Obama’s Done side is represented by this letter from a recent Dallas Morning News:

“Why, after almost a year, are we just now being told about Obama’s close association with a hate-America preacher? I now realize why Michelle Obama was never proud of her country–she’s been listening for years to how bad America is. . . I want the leader of my country to be the type of person who would walk out the minute that preacher started one of his anti-American tirades.”

If that’s the settled take of the majority,  O stands over Over. But here’s another interpretation of l’affaire Wright, a comment posted on this blog today:

Why is it regularly reported that Obama sat through 20 years of racist, anti-American diatribes by Reverend Wright, completely discounting his assertion that he never personally heard such words when he was at the church? Some GOP or Clinton operative went through 20 years of Wright’s sermons to find those few instances, and with those they cast the entire life’s work of the reverend and Obama’s association with him in horrible terms. And I, for one, do not see what’s wrong with damning America if our works deserve it. For the unjustified war in Iraq and other impeachable crimes commited by many in the current U.S. Administration, I condemn America every day — I believe that makes me a patriot, not un-American.


One thought on “Hope Sinks: Is Obama Finished?

  1. I think it will be a tight race between the Democrat/Independent voters who feel that O=Over and those who feel that O=Obama Victory. But the more I’ve reflected on it, the more I’ve concluded that, in the majority of cases – not all of them, true, but a majority – those who are appalled by Wright’s speech were not those who were truly pledged to him in any case.

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