Struggling Semi-Vegetarian Faces Temptation

As Muse Machine celebrates its first birthday, I’m reminded of some of the early posts I did a year ago, including those on giving up meat-eating. In addition to earlier reductions of meat, I’ve now gone without beef for a whole month (scattered applause),  finally driven to shame by the shocking Humane Society video I mentioned here a few weeks ago.

 At this point I’m probably about 80% vegetarian, but the further you go on this journey the more you realize that there is no justification (beyond simple hunger and taste) for eating any animals at all. It’s nice that I’m finally off beef, but, uh, those chickens and pigs don’t exactly volunteer either.

 And now comes one of those temptations: We’re joining several highly carnivorous relatives this coming Sunday for dinner, and I’m sure steak will be on the menu as always. I’ll need to find a polite, non-vegangelical way to ask for something else, or just make do with whatever green stuff I can find. The last thing I want is to make anyone else feel that I’m judging them or trying to make them feel bad about their choices. That’s not going to help anyone.

 More as this develops.


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