Three Images that will Hurt Obama

  The long, long gap between Texas/Ohio and the Big One in Pennsylvania must, I think, work against Barack Obama. What Clinton needed, and got, was some kind of O-mentum halt that would provide enough time for new doubts about Obama to grow–not just doubts that the Clintonistas would plant, but doubts that will come from a dozen other sources as the campaign creeps toward what could be an unpredictable, vitriolic and damaging convention for the Dems.

Three of those Obama-doubts can be summarized in these three images, which millions of Americans will see again and again before November.


The first is Obama’s controversial pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose racialistic rants can be seen all over YouTube. (the links keep changing, so I’m not adding one here.) Perhaps a few weeks late, Obama finally released the inevitable denounce-and-reject  statement here.


 The second image is of Obama’s mother, who was white. As images like this get shown repeatedly during the summer and fall, they could revive and strengthen doubts among some black voters as to whether Obama is in fact “black enough.”

Finally, pictures like this of Obama’s Kenyan grandmother will underscore Obama’s “foreignness”  for many white voters and even some blacks.
For my part, I believe only his connection with Rev. Wright is fair game in judging Obama. I have no problem at all with Obama’s  multiracial past, which I find easier to fathom in some ways than Mitt Romney’s Mormonism.  But I find both Wright’s substance and his shrieking, fulminating style to be extremely offputting, and I do find myself wondering how many such sermons Obama sat through while this man cloaked class and race hate in a veneer of Biblical teaching.

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