Spitzer, Clinton, and Alpha-Male Idiocy

Reasonable people can disagree on whether prostitution is a “victimless” crime,  given what I’ve read over the years about the recruitment and treatment of many of the women themselves, which in some cases amounts to virtual slavery.  It certainly might be that were prostitution legalized and turned into a state-licensed activity or maybe even a government department like FEMA, or something more efficient,  the violence and degradation some sex workers suffer would go away.

But while I don’t know the answers to those things, I do know that  Eliot Spitzer’s behavior is so mind-blowingly dumb–no, that’s the wrong word, not dumb but arrogant– that it makes Clinton look Sophoclean by comparison. Add him to this post I wrote several months ago:

August 27, 2007 · 1 Comment

Something’s been playing around in my head in the backwash from the Michael Vick guilty plea: Did he think this whole rotten business would go undetected forever?
Did he so trust in his “associates” that he believed they would take his secrets to the grave?
Did it ever occur to him that sometime down the road, one of these guys, or one of the dogfighters, or someone they might tell about the whole thing might sit down and say, “Hmm, y’know, this Vick has a lot of money. Lot of money. And I think I know how we can get us a cut.”
If he never thought about the possibility of later exposure, or blackmail, he’s either too dumb to master an NFL playbook or the most trusting, naive dude who ever came down the path.

The incident made me think once again of the riddle of Bill Clinton and his Oval Office DNA-spillings. Did the Leader of the Free World truly believe “that woman” would keep his secrets for the next five decades? That she would never be down on her luck and need money or favors? That she would never tell any third party who might see some kind of political or financial advantage in either blackmailing him or calling The Washington Times with a little news flash?

In both cases, two highly successful men handed other people–some of whom they barely knew– sweeping power over their lives. Is that  naivete or arrogance? Whatever, it’s unfathomable.


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