Pundits to Obama: Get Mean! Stay Nice! Fight! Hope!

Faced with a resurgent Hillary Clinton ( don’t call her a “monster”), and being likened unto Dem AntiChrist Ken Starr,  the Man of Hope  now gets contradictory coaching from NY Times Supercolumnists David Brooks  (conservative who likes Obama)  and Maureen Dowd (liberal who hates Hillary).

 Coach Brooks says Obama must stay the course he started, wafting high above the fray while dispensing golden oratory about peace, brotherhood and transcending bad stuff. If he gets down in the hogwallow with Hillary, he’ll lose two ways: A) voters will see him as just another divisive loudmouth, and B) he’ll get outkneecapped by the Clintons anyway.  Mr. New Politics  can’t use the arsenal of the Old Politics even when it might benefit him to do so.  More Brooks pacifism here.

Au contraire, says  Coach Dowd. She advises Obama to pick up that Jack Daniels bottle at his feet, smash it on a nearby wall and head for the alley. If he hews to the Gandhian path too long, she warns, he’ll be painted as an effete multiculti wimp who would probably be reading poetry and baking bread when that 3 AM call comes in. More from Bulldog Dowd here.

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