Obamus Interruptus: Big Mo No Mo’?

Well, Ohio put the brakes on America’s speed date with Obama. Timing, timing…he peaked a week early. I truly believe that had Texas and Ohio been held one week earlier, he’d have won decisively in Texas and come much closer in Ohio, perhaps delivering a knockout blow to Clinton.

I don’t envy the Clinton camp its grim task now. In the next few weeks, they will proceed to take down the Man of Hope doubt by doubt by doubt. In the words of the old song, “Nobody does it better” than they do.

 By the way, I’m not saying Obama may not need some deflating. He does need to put some solid steel supports under those cloudy visions without descending into the kind of 10-Point wonkery that would vitiate his core appeal.

I’m just saying that I would not like to be employed by the Clintons as a Killer of Illusions That Make People Happy. Millions of people, many of them young, would like to think that by supporting Obama things can be better, different, that we can start again and run faster and this time, this time, we’ll reach that green light at the end of Daisy’s dock. They are in fact doing what McCain said we can’t do: They’re taking a “holiday from history.”

Can’t we ever do that? Maybe just a long weekend? 


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