Clinton/Obama/Obama/Clinton:To Veep or Not to Veep?

I’ll not pause to brag about my  fairly prescient predictions yesterday–missed the margin in Ohio, but nailed it in my home state of Texas–because I need to ask this question:

 If Clinton’s going to ask Obama to be her VP, or he’s going to ask her, why not now, soon? Why drag this thing out another 5 weeks to the next big primaries? In order to win, Obama and Clinton will have to spend time and money exposing even more of each other’s weaknesses. John McCain will be happy to use that same ammunition against the eventual Dem nominee.

Would Obama take the #2 spot? He’d be crazy not to leap at it. First black VP, worldwide showcase for his talents, and he’s in a position to make real demands on Hillary that go far beyond a VP role of attending funerals and state dinners in Poland. He’d be 50 or 54 when her term or terms wind up. Why not?

Would she take his #2? Dunno. And that may be one thing she’s mulling right now as she claims she’s ready to slog on all the way to a deeply divided convention in August. If she doesn’t want to Veep it, then this is probably her best shot at president now. Hard to see how she’d be set up any better than she is right now after 8 years of Bush and Katrina and Iraq. 

But is the Veep spot a path to the top spot for her? Not if the Obama/Clinton ticket (which will be dubbed The OC) triumphs in November. If he does two terms, most of Clinton’s already AARPish female stalwarts will be listening to Muzak versions of “Light My Fire” in nursing homes by the time she could run again.

However: If she signs on as Veep and McCain beats back the OC, then she’d have a shot in 2008 with a Told You So Tour. Hard to see how the Mac could run for another term at 75.

So…if it’s CO, they should do it now. If it’s OC, that may take a bit longer.


One thought on “Clinton/Obama/Obama/Clinton:To Veep or Not to Veep?

  1. Obama-Clinton, Clinton-Obama – either dream team is McCain’s worst nightmare. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama can easily make that nightmare a reality for him right now. Here’s how:

    Both publicly pledge that if are nominated for President, the other candidate will be their first choice for the Vice Presidential spot.

    This immediately puts a stop to attacks on the other, or calling their ability into question. They can still debate the issues and clarify their differences, but the main focus of their anger and outrage can now be directed at the Bush-McCain policies of the past 8 years.

    The enthusiastic support of the other is exactly what each candidate will need to win in the fal.. Each appeals to the voters the other has the hardest time attracting. If they combine their strengths – “hope” and “work” – they both will almost certainly be in a position to lead America out of the mess we are in.

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