The Lone Star Prognosticator

Oh–before I walk to the polling place, I must file my predictions as of 5 PM Central Time. Based on my own hunches and guesswork, as opposed to the Conventional Wisdom, I’m crawling way out on a Texas mesquite limb and predicting. . .

Hillary in 3 out of 4– I think the lag between the Potomac Primaries and today is about three days too long for Obama’s shelf life. Just enough suspicion has been raised about him to make some people want to slow down the country’s speed-dating with Obama. I think Clinton wins Ohio by 6-9 points, helped by her sudden dislike of NAFTA and her press-bashing,   and takes Texas by 3-5. The much-vaunted youth vote turns out for the O, but not in the numbers needed, while Clinton rolls up margins of 70-plus percent in the Hispanic-rich Valley.

Clinton also takes Rhode Island, while Obama nets only the Green Mountain State.  And it’s on and on and on to the convention.

Or not.


One thought on “The Lone Star Prognosticator

  1. Good call! 🙂

    I said a few weeks ago that old Texas Democrats remember Ann Richards very well and would stand behind another strong woman; that *that* would make the difference. I think it did.

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