Go With O? Back Mac? Give ’em Hill? Decision Time in Texas


I just wrote another installment in this series, covering immigration (a wash) and eloquence (advantage Obama, but Mac is close). Unfortunately, WordPress chose that moment to have another of its spastic attacks, so I lost about 300 words in my Decision 2008 countdown. And with only 2 hours and 15 minutes until the polls close, I don’t want to redo the whole post. See below for others in the series.

Now, quickly, let’s shift to the strategic/tactical. I have 3 candidates I could live with. After today, I will still have two candidates I can live with. In fact, if Hillary’s in to the bitter end (and it will be bitter), I’ve still got three. So perhaps there’s nothing final-final about today’s vote.

On balance, given the ponderations in the two posts below, I’m leaning against Clinton. She’s already  had a big chunk of power, she’s extremely divisive, she’s part of a dynasty, she can be shrill when she’s  on the attack and boring when she’s not, First Woman symbolism is not high on my list, and having her as president will mean, as someone put it, “re-litigating the Sixties forever.” And on top of all that, some pretty powerful people will move heaven and earth to deny her any significant accomplishments as President. We could get the worst of both worlds with her.

So. The O Man or the Mac?

I think I’ll walk to the polling place now, checking the last pros and cons as I go.


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