Dem vs. Dem vs. Dem on Race, Ethnicity & Power

In this fallen world there is no such thing as politics without resentment; in fact, I believe someone once defined politics as organized resentment. It’s always group vs. group vs. group, with everyone fighting for their piece  of the pie and powerful forces operating to make us believe we have an inherent right (guaranteed by whom or what, they never say) to more, more, more.

 Small wonder, then, that under that big Democratic tent they’re starting to punch n’ tussle. Come fall they may remember to point all the guns toward McCain, but for now the different interest groups that nest under the Dem banner are starting to remember old wounds and resentments toward each other.

One example popped up when the racist and anti-Semite  Louis Farrakhan came out for Obama (really? Instead of Huckabee?), which led to Obama’s saying that he not only denounced but rejected the Nation of Islamite, or was it rejected and denounced?  Now we learn  here that many Jewish leaders were already concerned about Obama’s commitment to Israel, thanks in part to outrageous Web rumors.

Further fissures in the Dem landscape have opened up between blacks and Hispanics, who have been squabbling for power and preferment in large American cities like mine, Dallas, for a decade now. Yesterday, Hillary had to do some denouncin’ and rejectin’ of her own when a longtime Dallas Hispanic activist let some anti-black rhetoric seep from her lips.

 And let’s not even try to count the number of middle-aged white women who are looking at Obama and seeing the slick, well-groomed single-X chromosome-bearer who got the promotion they think was theirs. Lots.

As long as the Pie of Power is finite (i.e., forever), politics will always be a contact sport. But–bright side–it sure beats the alternatives.


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