Obama Turban Guy: Typical Pol or Cultural Traitor?

Barack Obama, right, is dressed as a Somali elder by Sheikh Mahmed Hassan, left, during his visit to Wajir in northeastern Kenya, near the borders with Somalia and Ethiopia. Photograph: AP 
Barack Obama in a turban

Don’t know if this burning issue will come up in tonight’s Majorly Important Debate in Ohio, but some Obamaphites believe the Clintons are spreading pics of Obama in traditional Kenyan garb, trying to emphasize his Otherness, his Not one of Usness, his odd taste in clothing, or something.

If this is all they have, I think the S. S. Clinton is going down. File this one in the gallery of American pols wearing sombreros, Shriner fezzes, Stetsons–and don’t forget Mike Dukakis’ Tank Guy helmet. Can’t wait to see Saturday Night Live’s take on this one.


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