The Last Straw on Meat?

I’ve been pondering last week’s news about the record recall of more than 143 million pounds of beef from a California meatpacker.

 The recall was spurred in part by a secret video shot inside the slaughterhouse, showing weak and possibly diseased cattle–“downer cows,” as they’re appropriately called–being dragged, shocked and otherwise brutalized because they were unable to walk to slaughter.

I’ve made clear in other posts that I’m not what  you could call an “animal rights” person–for example, I do not oppose serious medical testing on animals, though I do think testing cosmetics on them is wrong– but I’ve been increasingly uneasy with meat-eating over the past year or so. This report today may be the final straw for me on eating meat, at least meat produced on factory farms and from standard meatpackers.

Paul McCartney, probably quoting someone else, once said that if slaughterhouses had glass walls, we’d all be vegetarians.  For some searing sounds and images that may change your mind, too, hear a radio  story on the report  here  , or watch part of the secret video here.


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