Kirk Watson: “My Mind Went Blank” on Obama

Predictably, the Clinton camp jumped on Texas State Sen. Kirk Watson’s  “dunno” moment following Obama’s Wisconsin victory this week.  Chris Matthews, recall, asked Watson to name one specific legislative accomplishment of the O Man, which Watson now famously could not, even after Matthews asked again and again and again.  Painful to watch, and more painful, I’m sure, to be Watson, and more painful still if it didn’t look like nothing can stop the Obamaphenoma now, despite Clinton’s use of the airhead moment in Thursday’s Austin debate.

Wearing  sackcloth and ashes, Watson took to his blog this week to rebuild his rep. Here’s the nutshell:

MSNBC and Me 

So . . . That really happened. On Tuesday night, after an important and historic victory in the Wisconsin Presidential Primary by Senator Barack Obama, I appeared on the MSNBC post-election program. “Hardball” host Chris Matthews (who is, it turns out, as ferocious as they say), began grilling me on Senator Obama’s legislative record.

And my mind went blank. I expected to be asked about the primary that night, or the big one coming up in Texas on March 4, or just about anything else in the news. When the subject changed so emphatically, I reached for information that millions of my fellow Obama supporters could recite by heart, and I couldn’t summon it.

 My most unfortunate gaffe is not, in any way, a comment on Senator Obama, his substantial record, or the great opportunity we all share to elect him President of the United States. Had I not lost my mind, here are the accomplishments I would have mentioned:

Senator Obama’s fight for universal children’s health care in Illinois.

 His success bringing Republicans and Democrats together (a huge selling point for me in general) on bills such as the one in Illinois requiring police interrogations and confessions to be videotaped.

 His leadership on ethics reform in Washington (the bill that lobbyists and special interests are complaining about right now has his name on it).

 His bill to make the federal budget far more transparent and accessible to Americans via the Internet – we could use that openness in Texas.

 And his vital work with Republicans to lock down nuclear weapons around the world.

 Senator Obama has a vision for this nation, and we would be fortunate to fulfill it. He has the commitment to work with everyone from across the political and demographic spectrum to achieve it. And he has the strength to defend us, our security, and our values against all who will challenge them.

But most of all, he has the record to prove that all of this is possible. It’s something no one should forget. . . .

Even though I did. . . .

On national television.


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