McCain’s “100 Year War” Explained

The Dems have quickly and cleverly pounced on John McCain’s typically brusque statement about keeping American troops in Iraq for “a hundred years.” I’ve already received  a  fundraising pitch from the Democratic Party,  sent to me because of my bipartisan relations with the two warring factions, followed  by McCain’s explanation of what he meant.

Key point, for the Macster, is what those troops will and won’t be doing if they’re in Iraq for the next 20, 50, or 100 years. The Dems frame it as 100 more years of fighting, while McCain envisions something like the relationship we now have with former enemies like Japan and Germany.

The Dem attack pitch is here courtesy of James Carville. A sample:

John McCain’s Iraq War Countdown99 years, 10 months, 19 days That’s how long we have until American troops can leave Iraq according to John McCain’s recent comment that we could stay at war for “maybe 100 years.”  McCain also said such a ludicrously long timetable “would be fine with me.”

Watch McCain’s explanation and  defense  here if you like.


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