Early Prediction for Texas Primary

WordPress (my blogging software) is acting cranky and bizarre today; the last time this happened, I lost a brilliant 350-word sketch of a plan that would have cured cancer, ended male pattern baldness and banished vile, misogynist hip-hop from the world. Lost, alas.

So, rather than risk the loss of more gems, I’ll be brief today. My early prediction for the March 4 Texas Primary: Clinton prevails with a huge turnout by Hispanics in the Valley and West Texas. She gets the big delegate boost and stays alive, but her overall margin–less than 10 points–makes it clear that Obama is pretty  strong even in her best states.


One thought on “Early Prediction for Texas Primary

  1. I’m going to give her 14 delegates because I think the old white vote will favor clinton more than it does in Yankee friendly states. Hope it’s closer to 4 though. go Obama!

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