Obama: Yes, I Did Do Drugs! I Swear It!

Here’s yet another sign that those times, they do keep a-changin’.

You recall the odd flap a few weeks ago when a Clinton staffer was booted for saying that Obama’s self-confessed drug use as a college student would be exploited by Republican attack squads if O gets the nomination. As I noted at the time, the incident was truly weird;  of course they’ll use it against him, along with anything else they can find.

But here’s a new twist on the Obama-as-druggie line. A probing piece in today’s NY Times finds reason to believe that Obama, in his autobiography Dreams From My Father,  may have played up his youthful drug usage–yes, played it up–in order to establish his bona fides with the ‘hood and make his transformation into a Solid and Serious Young Man seem more remarkable.  Former Obama classmates interviewed for the article say he was a light hitter indeed, rarely partaking even when temptation was everywhere.

Check it out here–and know that somewhere, Douglas Ginsberg is sobbing in his morning coffee.

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