If You Don’t Eat the Skin, You Cannot Win

As the political scene constantly trembles on the edge of self-parody. . .

 Nobody who remembers Walter Mondale’s “Where’s the Beef?” riposte to Gary Hart can be surprised by any campaign silliness, but still. . . as you read this, try to decide if it’s a real news story or something concocted by the online satiremongers at The Onion:  (Answer below.)

 Mitt Romney took a stop off the trail Saturday, and shared a meal with his traveling press corps. The food? Colonel Sanders’ fried chicken, and biscuits. Romney, known for his healthy eating habits, however, pulled off the skin. For some Southerners, a culinary faux pas.

 Today, FNC asked Huckabee, how he as a Southerner, and someone who is also known for his healthy diet (Huckabee famously lost 110 pounds) eats the calorically-colossal, but Southern gastronomic mainstay.

“Going thru the weight loss program I try to eat it more broiled, and baked but I can tell you this: any Southerner knows that if you’re not gonna eat the skin, don’t bother with calling it fried chicken, ”Huckabee said through a smile.”  And that’s good, I’m glad to hear that he did that because that means I’m going to win Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma- all these great Southern states that understand that the best part of fried chicken, is the skin.”

Answer: real news story.  Maybe you could tell by how badly it’s written.


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