The Book on Hillary and Obama

 With the latest conventional wisdom now forecasting a long, tough primary fight among the Dems–so long that even Texas, voting in March, might matter!–there’s time to read up on the possible First Black President and First Female President.

The always valuable Shelby Steele (earlier posts on him here) has weighed in with a thoughtful book on Obama and black America ( here ), while 30 leading women writers, among them Susan Orlean, Deborah Tannen and Susan Cheever,  have teamed up for a multi-multi-multi perspective look at Mrs. Clinton ( here).

There’s no doubt that right now most of the heat and emotion seems to be on the Democrats’ side, but a little line in the paper today reminded me how quickly the Big Mo can come and go: Gary Hart, Mr. Excitement in the 1984 Dem primaries vs. Walter Mondale (who was eventually crushed by Ronald Reagan),  has endorsed Obama, this year’s Mr. Excitement.

And you’re thinking, Gary……who?


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