Clinton Comeback and Caucusing Caucasians: Closet Racism at Work?

Well, you coulda fooled me. Heard an expert say he had never, in 20 years of working in politics, seen that many polls get it wrong.

Good News: It’s nice sometimes when real life knocks the “Experts” into the ditch.

Bad News: Some political pros are now saying that the polls were off because many people claimed they were going to vote for Obama, in order to sound progressive and tolerant, but in fact refused to vote for a black man once they got in the booth. If that line becomes the conventional wisdom, and it continues throughout the campaign, what should have been the bright promise of the Obama campaign (maybe we can get past race at last!) becomes just another racism dead-end (no, we can’t).

  Alas, this depressing theory is buttressed by comparison with Iowa, where the caucusing Caucasians had to stand up in front of their neighbors and declare themselves. According to this line of reasoning, that helped Obama, because white voters had to stand up and be counted in front of their peers, whereas New Hampshirianites had someplace to hide. Hmm.


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