“Bucket List” Debuts: What’s On Yours?

Early word from critics: They hate it. But I still think the movie pushes along an interesting conversation that’s apropos to all that New Years’ transformation talk we all love.
What should we do with our time? What goals should we set, and how should we pursue them? As I’ve noted in previous posts here , here, and here, just thinking about some kind of Life List/Bucket List forces you to ask and answer those questions. It’s all very fine to say, “Love to own a vineyard someday,” but once you consider the time, expense and opportunity cost, does it really earn a place on the Must-Do List?

One thought on ““Bucket List” Debuts: What’s On Yours?

  1. I agree that life lists or bucket lists have to be something that can be done. Reading some people’s and you can’t help but wonder how they will accomplish owning 7 different businesses without going bankrupt, especially when they have 3 kids already and a full time job.
    I think people really have to consider feasability when it comes to bucket lists. “Can I really do this” “Will I really do this” “SHOULD I really do this”.
    I haven’t seen the movie, but it’s certainly not on my must-do list of things

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