Special Year-End Bits and Pieces Edition

Lo and behold, 2007 is about to slip away without ever bringing me that extra time I wanted for blogging. I usually write only one entry per day, done in about 10-20 minutes, which means for every idea I use I leave three or four on the table.

So it’s time to empty the mental attic over the next couple days with an Idea/Opinion clearance sale. Short takes on all kinds of stuff will follow. Some of these picked-up pieces will be expanded next year, while others will  follow the pressing concerns of 2007, 2001, 1987 and all the rest into the mists of time. In no particular order, let’s go:

*Writers strike, most irritating aspects of: 1. Reveals how many millions are abjectly dependent on the TV drivel machine. 2. For heaven’s sake, why are people like Letterman and Leno so helpless without writers? If they can’t scan the headlines and squeeze out 15 minutes of yuks a day, they should retire.  Guys, earn some of that money. Or call me if you need jokes.

 *Sub-Prime mortgage meltdown makes me go hmmm. Go back four years to the presidential election, or two years to the Congressional  mid-terms. Google  “coming sub-prime mortgage crisis.” I don’t recall a single candidate spotting this iceberg. Now we’re told it could crater the economy, bring on major recession, choke off credit for years, cost millions their homes, etc.

 Question: If nobody saw this coming and listed it in their 14-Point Plan for American Renewal, what does that tell us about picking our leaders this time around? What’s key? Experience? Character? Foresight? Judgment? Crystal Ball Record? The icebergs are out there. Who do you want on the bridge when they hit?

*Brokaw-Envy Syndrome.  Okay. Let’s assume that Tom Brokaw was the greatest and most astute TV news reader ever. Let’s grant that he did a fine job bringing attention to the vanishing World War II “Greatest Generation.” Let’s assume that while he had to manfully endure making millions with the teleprompter, he really burned to sit in a lonely loft pouring out his soul on paper.

All that said, his book on the Sixties, “Boom,” makes many a writer crazy. A dozen people have done better books on the subject and sold about 267 copies, but they weren’t nationally famous writer-anchors with major TV tie-ins. (Yes, on that list of Deadly Sins, Envy rides near the top.)

More to come. . .


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