Campaign ’08: Special Beatles Edition

Who’d have thunk that the Beatles, almost 40 years past their heyday, would lend their voices to this year’s presidential sweepstakes? Three notes, or half-notes:

1. John Edwards has been using the Fab4’s “Revolution” as one of his theme songs, which is curious if you listen to the words and know anything about the context in which the tune was written. Edwards may want a revolution with him at the head of the mob, but the actual song is more a critique of revolution than a call for it.

As even the fiery  John Lennon makes clear, the “Revolution” the Beatles wanted had nothing to do with radical change in government, socking it to the monied classes or following some charismatic leader. (“But if you go carryin’ pictures of Chairman Mao/You ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow.”) And the angriest, most sulfuric bloggers among the Netroots crowd were precisely the kind of people Lennon jabbed with this line: “But if you want money for people with minds that hate/I’m tellin’ you buddy, you’ll just have to wait.” More on the Edwards anthem here.  

 2. Fans of Pastor Huckabee are also waxing Beatleish. Go  here  for a version of the Fabs’ “Help” that plays on Huckabee’s endlessly  rhymeable and punnable name, which, I’m convinced, is one of his major attractions. (Has anyone used “The Incredible Huck” yet?) By the way, the unknown young dudes singing this song are really pretty good, even on those high harmonies. (And don’t forget my own contribution, to the tune of that old hit, “Hushabye.”)

 3. Finally, just in case you thought Christmas was over, here are the Beatles themselves doing “Revolution.” Don’t think I’ve ever seen this film before, which must be from their final months together. Trivia note: Guess they’re crammed so close together so the camera can get everyone in. Check it out here .


One thought on “Campaign ’08: Special Beatles Edition

  1. But then again, aren’t songs like “Revolution” used to advertise all kinds of what-have-you when rights are sold to TV commercials? Can’t think of any Beatles examples at the moment, though, but “Revolution” could just as easily be used to hawk a new brand of laundry detergent.

    Of course, while people tend to cringe at such commercialism, at least you can hear good music.

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