An Obama-Huckabee Ticket?

Not likely, but the highway-weary blogger finds, upon his return, the names of The New Man of Hope and Pastor Huckabee linked together in the Dallas Morning News‘ endorsements, issued early because, I suppose, Texas votes so late that the noms will be decided by the time we head to the polls in March.

On Obama, the News stresses what’s become a major Obama strength: He’s young, he’s new, he’s not part of the long, tiresome culture war that’s been waged seemingly forever in this country. New, non-dynastic blood flows in his veins. No more “anger and retribution.” Let’s move on.  

The nod to Pastor Huckabee reflects the widespread disarray and general tire-kicking among the few Repubs who are tuned in this early:

Rudy–kinda mean, lotsa wives, and he’s a New York Repub, meaning a moderate Democrat in most states.

Mitt–is it a religion or a cult?

 McCain–old but honorable but his time has passed.

Thompson–did he ever get in the race?

Ron Paul–VP on Bloomberg ticket?

Again stressing the peace and unity card, the News quotes the Pastor: “I’m a conservative; I’m just not mad about it.”

And now, as hundreds of voters and thousands of media types hold their breath, it’s on to Iowa.


2 thoughts on “An Obama-Huckabee Ticket?

  1. Check out Huckabee’s comments regarding Obama’s “race” speech and Pastor Wright. I think you are on to something here…

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