Is Campaign ’08 Turning. . . Nice?

At least this week, it sure looks that way. Look at what happened between the Obama and Clinton camps in the past few days. First, background.

Obama, in his two books, has made no secret of his youthful drug use, writing openly of cocaine and marijuana bouts. It’s part of his inspiring story of getting off the corner and realizing that the pimps and gangbangers celebrated in too much black “culture” today were not the people he wanted to be.

Now look at what happened. A Clinton adviser warned this week that if Obama got the nomination over Hillary, the Republicans–brace yourself, I know this will sound like the wildest flight of fantasy–might actually bring up Obama’s doping, and might even ask whether he ever sold drugs as well as snorted/smoked them.

You think? Duh. That will be the nicest thing they say about him, especially if it looks as if he’s got a prayer of winning. Look for oppo-research sleaze teams combing the ‘hood for anyone who remembers Obama getting his smoke on. 

Future 60 Minutes interview:  “Yeah, I ‘member this tall, kinda skinny dude who sure did like him some blow, man, you feel me? I mean, this cat, he’d throw out these big ol’ words, sure, but, I mean, he was good people, y’know? So I got stoned with a future president? Man, this a great country or what?”  

This all seems pretty obvious, but look at what happened this week. First, the Clinton adviser who made this thoroughly predictable prediction got reprimanded and left the campaign. Next,  Hillary sought out Obama personally to apologize. Details here if you want more.

As I’ve made clear in several posts, I’m impressed by Obama and find him a most intriguing possible candidate. But if his Democratic opponents hesitate to lay a glove on him, the Republicans will have no such scruples in the fall, especially if the nominee is Mitt Romney. Better to toughen up the Obama jaw now before the real fight starts.


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