Praise the Lord and Pass the Kaopectate

Thanks perhaps to intercession by surging GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee (see musical tribute in post below),  I’m back to at least 85%, which is close enough for blogging. And no sooner do I bounce back than I pose this existential question:

 Should I become an Indian? Two developments, of which more tomorrow, make me think it’s time to reclaim my Native American heritage, which I know I haven’t mentioned in nine months of blogging but which is nonetheless vitally important to me. And, if I do decide to leap the cultural barrier, should I make my NA debut as a Cherokee, Kickapoo, Apache, Walla-Walla, or what?

Lots to think about as I throw off the shackles (and what is our time about if not throwing off shackles?)  of the debased and deracinated Paleface culture. In the meantime, I’m off to rent Dances With Wolves as I plot my next move.


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