Bonds-Bashers Should Enjoy the Party Now

The spectacle of the shiny-domed King of the ‘Roids entering court for his ritualistic denials may warm the hearts of millions of Bonds-loathers (and I’ve certainly taken my whacks at the Sultan of Steroids),  but they’d better enjoy the party now, because I’ve got some rain for the parade:

1. Early word is that the all-important “chain of evidence” of Bonds’ urine samples is shaky in places, a weakness you don’t need million-dollar lawyers to expose. Look for Bonds’ legal team to move at some point  for the exclusion of that evidence, at which point the prosecution may as well fold its tents.

2. What’s the worst that could come from this whole affair? It’s not the mere fact that Bonds passed Aaron. Regardless of legal moves and possible trials, Bonds will still be on top of the homer heap at least until my new hero, A-Rod, can stack up several more 40-plus homer seasons. And, should A-Rod be injured at some point, or go off to buy Denmark with his fortune, BB may hold the record forever.

But here’s what would be much worse: A prolonged trial spiking racial tensions, watched closely by millions of people including many young athletes. And in the end, for one technicality or another, Bonds gets off. That will deal yet another blow to the belief in justice because it’s clear to anyone with a room-temp IQ that Bonds did in fact use steroids–reshaped himself and became a new creature with steroids.

If Bonds skates, whatever the legal maneuvers, the guy in the street–and lots of impressionable kids in the street–will see it as another way the rich and powerful manipulate the system, defy common sense, and get away with what they want to do.

If it’s about whether Bonds used steroids, we all know that. If it’s about whether highly paid lawyers can poke holes in the state’s case. . . well, like I said, enjoy the party now.


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