The “Bitch” Incident: How Politics is Played Today

After that brief interlude in the timeless realm of art and love, it’s back to the nastiness of politics! Let’s go!

You thought the Clinton War Room of the 90’s was a rapid-response blitz machine? Well, thanks to my long-standing financial ties to John–that’s John McCain, y’see–I was among the first of several million insiders who got to see how a media-savvy 2007 campaign–even an underfunded, struggling campaign–operates under fire.

Within an hour of the McCain-Hillary Clinton “Bitch” incident, I received a lengthy memo from Rick–that’s campaign manager Rick Davis, y’see, working no doubt at his lowest salary–angrily defending McCain and doing everything he could to whip up McCainiacs into a storm of fund-raising for his man.

The appeal had plenty of words, but it mainly relied, as politics increasingly does, on video. First, Rick sent the link to What McCain Actually Said, so if you haven’t seen the original “Bitch” footage, here it is:

Then came the link to CNN’s shocked, shocked coverage and commentary on the “B” bit, which Rick believes shows the “Clinton News Network” at its most rabidly partisan:

 And, of course, Rick follows up with some convenient links in case anyone would like to fire off $500 worth of indignation to the McCain campaign.

The CNN host does what he can to whip up a fight, but it may be  that Rick doth protest too much, and it’s interesting that neither of the women CNN brings on for instant reaction, one of them being Whoopi Goldberg, seems to think this remark should bury McCain forever. So  on the game goes. . .

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