Mailer, Vidal and Cavett Clash on TV

Thanks to the miracles of the vast Interbloggingtubenet, we visit again the famous donnybrook between the now-late Norman Mailer, Gore Vidal and Dick Cavett from one of Cavett’s 1970s TV shows.

Mailer came on the show already seething over Vidal’s sulphuric review of  The Prisoner of Sex, which among other assaults  lumped Mailer in with Charles Manson.*  Mailer might have had the words “Spoiling for a Fight” superimposed in front of him. New Yorker writer Janet Flanner, with the lowest testosterone count of anyone on the stage, also takes some whacks at the Mailer ego.

 Check out the action, ending with Cavett’s famous “fold it five ways” kibosh, here.   Run the tape counter to about 29:00 unless you want to see Charlie Rose’s entire interview with Cavett.

*Vidal, in another context, said that Mailer would have been a happier man had he been named “Mailest.”


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