“BuddyGate” Scandals Show Pols Just Can’t Have Friends

I’ve lost count of how many times over the years some political candidate has found him/herself in hot water over the doings of a friend. This time around, Hillary Clinton, Sam Brownback and now Rudy Giuliani have been called to account for the actions of their buddies, and we’re still a year away from the Big Vote.

Like me, I’m sure you set aside at least one afternoon a week to run background checks on the pals you’ve accumulated over the years, just to make sure that none have plunged themselves into the swamps of  gambling, womanizing or mannizing. If any of my buds boycott the IRS for a few years, you bet I’m all over that problem.  

After noodling  this around a while, the light bulb appeared: The common root of all these problems is that we’re trying to make perfect candidates out of ordinary old flawed human protoplasm. In a KERA/NPR radio commentary a few months back, I came up with a modest proposal to create a new breed of candidates who will leave all that messy humanity behind.

Have a listen  here if you like. Just click the MP3 button.


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