Texas Voters: Please Support Prop. 15: Cancer Research

It’s Election Day, and as so often happens they’re predicting an embarrassingly low voter turnout in Texas–less than 15%.  Some of the ballot amendments don’t seem all that important, but one stands out: Proposition 15. Here’s a note from Gerri Howell, a friend of ours who has been suffering from a rare form of cancer. I strongly second what she says here:

  Proposition 15 on the ballot Tuesday will establish the Cancer Research & Prevention Institute of Texas.  I’m asking that you consider voting yes for this Proposition.While I would never presume to say that this disease is worse than that disease, I know that every one of you  has been touched by cancer.  All of us have lost a family member or friend to this dreadful disease.  Unfortunately, some of you are survivors yourselves.  It doesn’t respect age, status, background, health, or anything.  They used to say in the Old West that the Colt 45 was the great equalizer.  Well, unfortunately, so is cancer.This last visit to Anderson, I saw more children than I usually see.  It’s just heartbreaking to see their little bald heads and the despair in their parents’ eyes.  Fortunately, we live in Texas with wonderful facilities to treat, and in many cases, cure cancer.

I definitely have a horse in this race.  Those of us with rare and unusual cases pray for breakthroughs in other types of cancer that can be applied to us.  No one is doing any research on appendix cancer.  There aren’t enough cases, so we piggyback on colon cancer research.

I’ve told you before, one of the drugs in my cocktail is Avastan.  This drug has only been available for the past three years and is having good results with ovarian and colon cancer. 

There won’t be just one silver bullet to cure all cancers.  It’s going to take lots of time, effort, and most of all money to find the many silver bullets out there.

I’ve hinted at my political persuasion.  I know most of you know that I lean somewhat left of center.  That doesn’t mean that I believe the government should spend money willy nilly.  I’m horrified at some of the projects that get funded.  After all, I have three sons that I don’t want to saddle with our unhandled problems. 

However, call me a hypocrite, but I think cancer research is worth funding.  I know some of you will disagree with this proposition for philosophical reasons.  I respect that.  However, I would ask that all of you research the issue and make up your mind.  Please don’t just sit on the sideline and fail to vote due to apathy.

Much love, Gerri


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